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Area Profiling with InstantAtlas

Area Profiles bring together relevant information and data about an area of interest and present it in a structured report blending text, maps, charts, tables and images. They often contrast the profiled area with geographic or statistical neighbours.

Using InstantAtlas you can design a whole range of web-ready outputs for different audiences and tasks. With InstantAtlas Server Profiles Module you produce profiles at multiple levels of geography using the server to aggregate your data. You can also update data content as it becomes available and even configure outputs to auto-update as indicators are updated so your profiles remain current.

All these features save you time and allow you to concentrate on interpretation rather than presentation.

The Audit Commission presents a good explanation of the value of area profiles for the UK Public Sector on their web site:

Further examples

Example Reports

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Using the Area Profile Template (video)

Customer Spotlight

data visualization tools and public health statistics

Interview with Phil Davies Team Coordinator Amethyst Cornwall Crime & Disorder Reduction Partnership.

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