‘How Team Bury is using data visualisation with time series analysis from Bury Insight’


Bury Insight is the Bury statistics and maps website which is funded by Bury Council. It is a shared evidence base that provides quick and easy on-line access to data, information, and intelligence about the borough of Bury, and aims to meet the needs of the local community, Team Bury (the local strategic partnership) and the general public.

Team Bury partners, including Bury Council, collect a wide range of data including unemployment, housing and health. The site also uses OCSI data packs which means that in all it compiles around 10,000 individual datasets.

Getting started

Scott Abotorabi, Improvement Officer at Bury Council, who helped lead the project to develop the Bury Insight, website says: “We previously had a series of static maps, which on their own they lacked context and it wasn’t easy to view trends over time. By presenting the data in a series of interactive reports we felt we could help more people understand the data.”

Councillor Sandra Walmsley, Cabinet Member for Community Development, says: “We wanted to make sure we had a clear evidence base to improve decision making at the council and by Team Bury. To do this we needed better insight into the issues affecting the Borough, which in turn was driven by having better access to data.”

Future developments

As the website is relatively new research and intelligence teams across the Team Bury partnership will be spending the next few months further enhancing the website and promoting it to colleagues, other organisations and the local community. A training programme will also be developed to help users understand the benefits of Bury Insight, the mapping systems and how the site can be personalised to individual requirements.



Key benefits

  • Bury Insight is using data visualisation to present data clearly in an easy to understand format.
  • Data visualisation is helping users to grasp issues at local level
  • The website is helping Team Bury partners further understand which communities they should be focusing on when it comes to a wide range of provision such as housing, health and benefits
  • The website is helping to challenge long-help myths about areas of high need
  • The mapping of data over time enables the council to have a bird’s eye view of intelligence to identify trends or areas which need to be addressed
  • The website is helping the council operate with greater transparency and in line with the open data agenda

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