Blackpool Council Local Election 2007 - Blackpool Council

Blackpool Council Local Election 2007This Instant Atlas display enabled us to present live interactive election results on the council website within minutes of the results being made available. The viewer can see the Winning Party, total votes and candidate details by selecting an area on the map.

Rachel Wright, Research Officer, Blackpool Council

London Mayor Elections - Greater London Authority

London Mayor ElectionsInstantAtlas offered a quick and easy process for the DMAG team to build interactive presentations of the results. "We had challenging timescales to develop the election results reports. We were able to create, customise and brand them in a few days so they were ready and waiting for the results as they came in,” Alan Lewis, Senior Analyst within DMAG.

Nottingham City Council Local Election 2007 - Nottingham City Council

Nottingham City Council Local Election 2007

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