Local Information Systems (LIS)

East Sussex in Figures - East Sussex County Council

East Sussex in Figures

KnowFife - Fife Council

KnowFife"InstantAtlas enables KnowFife Dataset users to explore multi-agency data sets online and locate for themselves the information they want, drill down into it and perform their own custom analyses. It is also good to know that everyone has the same access to the information. This self service, InstantAtlas-supported approach means far fewer ad-hoc data requests for each partner, is saving everybody time and resources and most importantly is making information on Fife so much more accessible to decision makers and our citizens."

Coryn Barclay, Policy Officer, Corporate Research Team, Policy and Organisational Development, Fife Council

Newham Information System (NIMS) - London Borough of Newham

Newham Information System (NIMS)This atlas was prepared for the Neighbourhood Information Management System (NIMS) Team of London Borough of Newham to present nationally ranked scores of multiple deprivation at small area level. The report uses our Performance Profile template which is ideal for presenting data of this kind - nationally consistent ranks of multiple domains related to deprivation. The bars of the bullet graph (top right) illustrate how varied the cross-domain profile of deprivation can be at a neighbourhood scale. The background grey bars indicate how areas rank nationally in terms of fifths (quintiles) with bars overlapping the darkest grey sections being classed in the 20% most deprived of all areas nationally.

Community Accounts, - Government of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

Community Accounts,Community Accounts is an innovative information system providing users at all levels with a reliable source of community, regional, and provincial data. A public-wide, online data retrieval system for locating, sharing and exchanging information related to the province and its people. InstantAtlas is used as the Dynamic Data Map Tool within this system.

NOMAD - Nottingham City Council

NOMAD"We selected InstantAtlas for ease of creating neighbourhood maps and graphs, intuitive ease-of-use, speed of operation, affordability and expected ease of implementation and integration with the council's ESRI tool-set."

Mick Dunn, Corporate GIS Manager, Nottingham City Council

Norfolk Insight - Norfolk County Council

Norfolk Insight“Some GIS and LIS solutions come packaged with national data sets at fixed area levels and present it in rigid formats, “ said Pontin. “InstantAtlas gives us the freedom to choose data sources, locally and nationally and our users the flexibility to visualise data as they want to see it.”

Wendy Pontin, Principal Information Analyst, Norfolk Insight

Joint Strategic Needs Assessment - South West Public Health Observatory (SWPHO)

Joint Strategic Needs AssessmentThe Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) tool aims to help primary care trusts and local authorities jointly identify their areas of need. The Area Profile Template was chosen as there are a large number of indicators to be shown, and trend data is not widely available. In addition, the ability to compare neighbouring areas and select statistically similar areas using the filter option are very useful. Since its launch the JSNA tool has become one of the most viewed pages on the South West Public Health Observatory (SWPHO) website.

THIS Borough - London Borough of Tower Hamlets

THIS Borough"InstantAtlas offers the Tower Hamlets Partnership a best practice, 'off-the-shelf' neighbourhood information system that provides value for money and integrates well with core LBTH IT infrastructure from Microsoft and ESRI. It will be key to supporting a framework for managing and reporting local performance outcomes across our Local Strategic Partnership and Local Area Agreement. The InstantAtlas team has demonstrated a sound knowledge of our data and technical requirements and has delivered a solution meeting our key requirements within our tight deadlines."

Louise Russell, Head of Partnership Performance, and Robin Harris, THIS Borough Manager.

Worcestershire County Council -

Worcestershire County Council"InstantAtlas provides a cost-effective, quick and adaptable tool which needs no underlying software and can be updated with new data with minimal effort. It also provides a much more intuitive interface when compared with GIS. Overall, we would give a recommendation for organisations with similar needs to consider using InstantAtlas."

David Onions, Research & Intelligence Unit, Worcestershire County Council
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