Showcase by Product

Featured showcase: Information Hub for Cornwall Community Safety Partnership -

Information Hub for Cornwall Community Safety PartnershipAmethyst were one of the early innovators in the area of data sharing and crime mapping in the UK. They established a relatively sophisticated solution which went live in 2002. Their work was seen as best practice and referenced in GIS and Crime Mapping (Spencer Chainey & Jerry Ratcliffe) and Crime Mapping - Improving Performance (Police Standards Unit).

Featured showcase: Teenage Pregnancies - East Midlands Public Health Observatory (EMPHO)

Teenage PregnanciesEMPHO has produced interactive maps of under 18 conception data, for all Local Authorities in England, using InstantAtlas from Geowise. Maps are now available with the latest 2006 (provisional) data, along with comparators including deprivation and edata. The interactive mapping tool has also been improved, allowing the user to view the data in a number of different ways, including Significance mapping, Funnel Plots and Area Profiles.

Featured showcase: Recorded Crime for England - Home Office

Recorded Crime for EnglandThis crime mapping tool allows users to create maps showing counts and rates of crime at local authority level for England and Wales, allowing users to examine and compare levels and trends in local authorities.

Featured showcase: Health Reporting - Landesamt für Verbraucherschutz Saxony-Anhalt, Germany

Health ReportingThe new internet presentation of state health reporting which was launched on September 15, 2008 is a dynamic product. Its contents will be continually extended and updated and the structure modified where appropriate.