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The Bubble Plot template combines a single map with a bubble plot for multidimensional data reporting. The bubble plot can display data for up to four variables simultaneously using a combination of bubble position, size and colour. The configurations available for this template are adapted for different data presentations styles and levels of expertise. These include using the bubble plot as a normal scatterplot or a funnel plot.

You need an Internet browser compatible with Adobe Flash viewer to view the samples below. Alternatively you can have a look at the InstantAtlas Bubble Plot (HTML Edition) Template which does not require a browser plug-in.

The reports below together demonstrate the main features of this template and provide a sample of the vast configuration and styling possibilities.

UK Examples

Bubble Plot Advanced Configuration Bubble Plot Simple Configuration

Bubble Plot Advanced Configuration Screenshot

Bubble Plot Simple Configuration Screenshot

Scatterplot Configuration Funnel Plot Configuration

Scatterplot Configuration Screenshot

Funnel Plot Configuration Screenshot

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