Regional health profiling with InstantAtlas

Health profiles are an increasingly popular way of presenting snapshot overviews of health for localities or regions in a given area. When presented as interactive reports online, they are effective in helping local government and health services make decisions to improve regional and local health outcomes.

We wanted to share a few examples of how InstantAtlas is being used to create public health profiles.

These types of interactive displays are quickly gaining popularity, especially in Europe. Each profile presents a set of health indicators organised under thematic topics. Users find them easy to understand to navigate through some large datasets.

They provide a snapshot of the overall local area health profile of a population, and highlight potential problems through comparison with other areas and with the national average.

After selecting the area to be profiled, a 'spine chart' health summary shows the differences in health between that area and the median or average of all other areas. The position the symbol for the each data value is seen relative to mean values and quartiles. By selecting a specific health indicator in the main data table, the maps and charts are refreshed in the left panels.

If required, target values can also be added to the display as well as coloured symbols to highlight variances that are statistically significant.

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Below are examples of InstantAtlas reports using our health profile template to present indicator data for regions.

InstantAtlas is available to download as a 30 day trial so if you would like to start creating great interactive reports today click here

United States: Arizona Department of Health Services - Health Profile Template (LIVE)France: Observatoire Régional de la Santé des Pays de la Loire -  Health Profile Template (LIVE)

Arizona Community Profiles Dashboard


This is the first of the Arizona Department of Health Services’ Communities Profiles Dashboards. It enables at-a-glance analysis of over 50 health indicators organized under key health themes mortality, morbidity and natality. Over 20 demographic indicators are also available add a context to the health statistics. The end user can choose to view and explore the data at either county or primary care level.

Click image to see interactive report

ORS Pay de la Loire is the first French region in the network of health observatories (FNORS) to adopt this interactive InstantAtlas data platform. This dynamic profile report maps statistics for the 57 local health jurisdictions (TSP) grouped into seven themes: demographics, population health, health issues, determinants of health, course of care, support for the elderly and disabled.

Click image to see interactive report

Association of Public Health Observatories (Public Health England) - Health Profile Template (LIVE)United States: InstantAtlas Health Profiles - Behavioral Risk Factors (DEMO)



The Association of Public Health Observatories (APHO) now Public Health England, was the innovator to first started publishing this style of profile report in 2006. Two years later, interactive “community health profiles” were developed to provide 386 local health authorities with a way to prepare their own maps and charts. The reports currently display 32 core health indicators arranged under five themes.

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In this demo report, data from the CDC’s Behavioural Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS) has been put into a health profile template. After selecting the state, the 'spine chart' health summary shows the differences in health between the state, The US median and the value relative quartiles of all other states. This type of presentation could easily be applied to county level rates within a state.

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ARS Liguria, Italy - 'Health Profile of Liguria' Bavarian State Office for Health and Food Safety, Germany 'Health Profile of Bavaria'



Liguria is the first Italian health region to adopt these interactive reports for their 2012 and 2013 health profiles. They will be updated annually.

The 59 indicators chosen is based on a larger set of measures defined in the European Community Health Indicators Monitoring (ECHIM) project.

Click image to see interactive report

Click here to read the ARS Liguria story

The Bavarian Health Profiles organize indicators under three themes: Demographics, health and health care covering the 96 urban and rural districts of Bavaria, Germany.

There is a time-series chart to see trends over three years.

Click image to see interactive report

Benefits of InstantAtlas

There are great many benefits in using InstantAtlas for data presentation & interactive mapping including:

  • Easy design & customisation of your interactive reports making them engaging, visually appealing and easily understood by a wide range of audiences;
  • InstantAtlas offers you the ability to present stand-alone reports too so you do not have to rely on Internet access if you are out in the field;
  • InstantAtlas helps report users gain deeper understanding of health and demographic trends in developing countries.


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