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Common questions customers ask themselves who benefit from InstantAtlas Report Creation Service

  • Do we want reports that are professionally designed and that load fast?
  • Are we struggling to find time, or have a tight deadline?
  • Can my report fit with my budget?
  • Do we want to get off to a flying start with InstantAtlas?


We make no apology for the fact that everyone working for InstantAtlas gets excited about what they do – whether it is developing software that helps youto present data in an interactive easy-to-understand way, or helping you get the most from InstantAtlas. So when someone asks us for advice, or help with a project we get a real buzz. With that in mind we thought it would be helpful to explain exactlywhat we can do for you – especiallywhen you find yourself short on time, resource and budget so you know where to come.

What does InstantAtlas Report Creation Service offer?

The InstantAtlas support team provides a service for anyone who needs a helping hand with report creation with InstantAtlas Desktop . This includes:

  • Map data preparation
  • Dynamic report publishing
  • Report design and branding
  • Preparation and loading of statistical data
  • Performance tweaks
  • Report deployment

Pierre, Head InstantAtlas Support, says: “We can help support with any aspect of report production with InstantAtlas Desktop. Whether it’s filling gaps in a multi-faceted project, or providing report creation throughout from start to finish, we have the experience to help make it a success.”

How does InstantAtlas Report Creation Service work?

A typical scenario is that we get a call from a customer who has trialled InstantAtlas but realises they either don't have the time, budget or the resource needed (usually a dedicated individual) to take the project to fruition. “Commonly we find customers may have lots of data they want to display but may not have the experience to manipulate the data. So it’s about us providing peace of mind,” says Pierre. “We can also start from scratch and help customers compile data and make sure it is the best format for InstantAtlas, this can involve cleaning the data and working with pivot tables.”

Report Creation Service work with data involves:

  • Sourcing geospatial data
  • Data manipulation
  • Migrating and reformatting data – pivoting data
  • Making sure geographical identifiers match
  • Tidying up meta data
  • Geographical data need to be made fit for purpose – check no problems with geography
  • Preparation of shapefile

Once the data is in good shape our Report Creation Service helps you present the data using existing templates, or we will create new presentations. These can also be designed to fit with existing brand guidelines.

How do we give your projects that little extra?

Speed of loading is an aspect on online mapping that has become increasingly important and as the name suggests InstantAtlas is designed to be fast. We have the expertise and experience to know how to make presentations load quickly to avoid the problems that can occur when large data files are passed across the internet.

What are the benefits for customers?

Using our Report Creation Services brings a number of benefits:

  • Rapid creation and deployment of your InstantAtlas report
  • High quality data output design that follows best practice guidelines
  • Reports optimised for rapid loading and responsiveness
  • Reports optimised for your web browser and screen resolution requirements
  • Reports that are designed to fit with your budgetary requirements

But more than that…

  • Our team has the experience to help understand your requirements and the challenges you face
  • We are accustomed to managing many different types of statistical and GIS data
  • We have direct access to the InstantAtlas development team for extensions and customisations
  • We do not just produce InstantAtlas, we use it in many different scenarios
  • We enjoy the creative process and take pride in helping you to implement the best solution possible

An example of the way we work: Radio Africa Group

We provided a customised dynamic report that could display presidential, national assembly, gubernatorial election results live on a giant touchscreen. Radio Africa Group had specific design and functionality requirements but given time constraints they felt they needed our help.

This involved working with our development team to modify our standard Single Map template. We added custom Javascript that would display photos of the candidates alongside the election results using a particular layout that would suit the giant touchscreen.


We also provided technical advice on how to create the underlying JSON data file directly from the client’s relational database for live data feed. The report was successfully used for live election reporting.

Pierre says: “The Kenyan election project was exciting for us and for them because the data was being broadcast live during the election. The result was a great success.”

Additional story - London based Health Service Journal who used the InstantAtlas Report Creation Services for a recent project.

'How an interactive atlas created using web-based mapping software became one of the Health Service Journal’s top reads of 2012'

How much does InstantAtlas Report Creation Service cost?

Reports can start from as little as *£500/$770/€595 which includes consultation with a dedicated member of the support team to help create your report to match your needs and one report output with a template of your choice.   For full pricing options click here.

Standard package


*Conditions: the deliverable is a single dynamic report delivered as a downloadable zip file; standard report creation service includes hire of single support person for one half of a standard working day. A single round of tweaks permitted following review by the customer; suitable map data is supplied by customer or readily available in public domain. Customers are required to provide up to 10 indicators in Excel format, which will be added to your report Prices quote exclude UK VAT if applicable.

Optional Extras

  • Add further indicator data that you provide in Excel or other formats
  • Publish the same data using different templates, or for different geographies
  • Source and prepare the digital map data as appropriate
  • Source and prepare indicator data and/or metadata
  • Apply a personalised design following a mock-up/specification you provide
  • SEO optimisation to give your report visibility
  • Customise the report functionality to your needs using JavaScript
  • Embed report(s) in your existing website

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